Cookies Baked

Outreach Schedule

Sunday, Dec 18 – York Galleria Mall (Completed)

Monday, Dec 19 – York Galleria Mall and York County Shopping Plaza (Completed)

Tuesday, Dec 20, – York Galleria Mall and York County Shopping Plaza (Completed)

Wednesday, Dec 21 – Baltimore, MD

Thursday, Dec 22 – 7am-10am | Central Market York, 10am-4pm | Teen Haven neighborhood, 6pm-8pm | Lemko Assisted Living in Baltimore, 9pm-10pm | York County Shopping Plaza

Friday, Dec 23 – 9am-4pm | York neighborhoods, 6pm-9pm | Gettysburg, PA

Saturday, Dec 24 – 10am-12pm | Harrisburg, PA, [Break for Christmas Eve Service], 9pm on | teams will go to Harrisburg, PA, York, PA, Silver Spring, MD and Baltimore, MD

Call Kathryn if you’re interested in joining for any of these times: 717-220-5050

The History

As a church, we have partnered with Grace Women for their annual Christmas Cookie Outreach. As an organization, they are embarking on their sixth year of their annual Christmas Cookie Outreach. A few years ago, they asked the question, “What can a cookie do?” Looking back over the five previous years, they can attest to the fact that a couple of beautifully baked, home-made Christmas cookies, tagged with a message of God’s love, have touched the lives of thousands and changed many a destiny. The background is as follows:

Back in 2010, their founder, La Tascha Brown, was deeply burdened by those who were down-and-out during the holiday season. For some, there are no chestnuts roasting by an open fire, but rather, a deep dread for this time of year because it reminds them of a lost loved one, a bad divorce, a broken family, or no family, or better yet, their poverty and inability to provide for their family. In fact, the Christmas season holds some of the highest suicide rates of the year. Therefore, locked and loaded with home-made cookies and Christmas cheer, they hit the streets reminding people of just how much they are loved and that there is still hope!

The first year, they baked 300 cookies, the second year, 1,000, the third year, 3,000, the fourth year, 10,000, and last year, 20,000! Incredible, right? This year, we will be targeting the city of York together, which is battling rising drug activity and crime. Please pray with us as we look to make an impact in this city in 2016.

If you’d like to help bake, tag cookies, or go out with us on the streets, please contact Kathryn: (855) 588-4661.

Also, if you’d like to donate:
Donations can be made online at:

Checks payable to:
Grace Women
PO Box 301
Shrewsbury, PA 17361
Memo: Christmas Outreach

Grace Women, Inc is a 501(c)3, federal ID 270206157.