Dec 2 and Beyond| Guys Night Out

The guys will be hanging out on Friday nights. December 2nd was the first one. Stay tuned for the next one.

Dec 3 | Bible Club Kick-Off

We will be partnering with Teen Haven to start a Bible Club for local children in the community. It is FREE and available for boys and girls ages 8 to 12. Bible Club will consist of games, arts and crafts, various sports activities, Bible lessons and more! A snack will be provided during this time.

Bible Club will be held on Saturdays from 11:30am to 1:00pm at Teen Haven // 589 W. College Avenue, York, PA 17401.

Learn more about Bible Club or register a child. 

If you’d like to help in any way, please contact Kathryn at (410) 790-3013.

Dec 10 | 7pm Christmas Caroling at Colonial Manor

Meet at the church house at 6:30 or meet us directly at Colonial Manor at7pm to bring joy to the residents with Christmas Caroling.

Church house address: 1534 4th Ave., York, PA 17403

Colonial Manor: 970 Colonial Ave, York, PA 17403

Dec 11 | 6pm Texas Roadhouse

Celebrate Alex’s Birthday and goodbye at the Texas Roadhouse at 6pm on December 12.

1510 Mt Zion Rd, York, PA 17402

Dec 17 | 7pm Christmas Party

Join us as we celebrate Christmas together. 7pm at the church house: 1534 4th Ave., York, Pa 17403.

Dec 24 | Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Join us for our Christmas Eve Candlelight service on Saturday, December 24th at 6pm. The meeting place will be the usual room at the Christian School of York. Be ready for a special program celebrating Jesus’ birth.

This service will be instead of our normal Sunday Service. Call (855) 588-4661 if you have any questions.

December | Christmas Cookie Outreach

The entire month of December is dedicated to our Christmas Cookie Outreach. Last year, we were able to hand out 20,000 cookies, each pair of cookies tagged with a message of the love of God during, for some, this very difficult time of year. Learn more about our Christmas Cookie outreach. 

If you’d like to help bake, package, or hand out cookies to the community, contact Sophie: (717) 378-9638.

Recurring Events

Ladies Bible Study // Thursday Nights – 7pm at 1534 4th Avenue, York, PA 17403

Guys Night Out // Friday Nights – 7pm meeting at 1534 4th Avenue, York, PA 17403

Maryland Bible College of York // Saturdays – 8am – 6pm at Shiloh Baptist Church, 740 W. Locust Street, York, PA 17401

Outreach // Saturdays – 11:30 – 1pm, meet at Shiloh Baptist Church,  740 W. Locust Street, York, PA 17401

Bible Club // Saturdays – 11:30 – 1pm at Teen Haven, 589 W. College Avenue, York, PA 17401

Counseling // P. Jay would love to meet with you. Please call to set up an appointment at (855) 588-4661.

Church Service // Sundays – 3pm at Christian School of York, 907 Greenbriar Road, York, PA 17404

Dec 31 | 8pm-12am New Year's Eve Gathering

Join us as we sing, reminisce, hear the Word of God and pray in the New Year. There will be a special children’s program. Please have them bring their sleeping bags. Stay for all of some of the evening.

Location: 1534 4th Ave, York, Pa 17403

Time: 8pm – midnight